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Barcelona, 31 May 2021

Working Women Week (WWW) will aggregate the voices of over 60 women providing unique perspectives and experiences regarding female leadership and empowerment in the workforce. Offered through hybrid (online and offline) seminars, audiences will dive deep into topics including education, sex, fitness, sustainability and more. The five day event from June 14-18 will include panel discussions, workshops and roundtables led by female experts focusing on connecting working women in Barcelona and Catalonia while sharing knowledge and exchanging personal experiences.

The Barcelona City Council is supporting the WWW opening ceremony, introducing Barcelona Activa’s Lidera program, which works toward the professional growth of women and will include Gemma Cernuda, an expert on feminine branding from Ellas Deciden. Josie Pont, the Cultural Director of The American Society of Barcelona, will lead the opening ceremony discussion. “You’ll see the wonderful array of speakers who are going to deal with a wide diversity of topics,” Pont said.

Audiences can hear from keynote speakers like Andrea Snowy, a content marketing and social media specialist, moderate a discussion on the popular trend of microinfluencing as well as listen to Leigh Matthews, an Australian psychologist and founder of Therapy in Barcelona, seduce her audience with a titillating discussion on female sexual pleasure.

Other speakers will include entrepreneurs like Chiara Fraser, founder of Her Roomies, a platform facilitating the process for women to find a new home and women-friendly services and events in the city. Helping women communicate more powerfully Kyoko Takeyama, a public speaking coach, will illustrate the importance of effective communication through her workshop. “Together let’s explore how to improve our communication skills so our careers flourish,” Takeyama said.

“Are Womens’ Lives Worth Saving?” examines the role of women in life-saving organ transplantations as doctors and donors by Dr. Maria Paula Gomez, executive director at the Donation and Transplantation Institute. “Thousands of people around the world are waiting for an organ transplant; unfortunately many will die waiting.” Listen to see how she plans to save a million lives.

Working Women Week is sponsored by Barcelona Expat Life, Barcelona Metropolitan, Planet Venus and Professional Women’s Network Barcelona along with a number of local partners.