Press release Working Women Week:
Professional females unite!

For immediate publication.

Barcelona, 10 May 2021

This first edition of Working Women Week (WWW), organized by Barcelona Expat Life, Barcelona Metropolitan, Planet Venus and Professional Women’s Network Barcelona, will be held from June 14-18, consisting of a series of hybrid (online and offline) events, workshops, exhibitions and round tables carried out by experts in their fields. 

WWW was born with the principal aim of connecting multiple organizations to exchange experiences, give support and disseminate knowledge on a variety of topics within the fields of diversity, gender balanced leadership and female empowerment. A further objective is to connect working women with each other, create empowering synergies and enrich them with the different perspectives and resources provided by selected leading organizations, companies or individuals based in Barcelona and Catalonia.

The Barcelona City Council is supporting the debut of the Working Women Week conference and will host the opening ceremony with recognized local leaders, including representatives by its Lidera program.  For over 30 years Barcelona Activa has promoted the inclusion of women in business through various programs fomenting entrepreneurship.